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A.J. Services Professional Snow & Ice Control snow removal services makes winter in Wheeling, Buffalo Grove and Lincolnshire areas easier. When your parking lot is filled with snow after an overnight storm or the parking lot at your place of business is covered with dangerous ice, contact the experienced snow removal crew at A.J. Services Professional Snow & Ice Control. We can efficiently plow away snow and ice to keep your property safe.

As a commercial property owner, you already have enough work to do. We offer efficient and dependable snow removal services in the Wheeling, Buffalo Grove and Lincolnshire regions.

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Sales and services:

  • Free Parking Lot Staking of all Contracted Properties
  • Snow Plowing operations
  • Stacking of Snow
  • Relocating of Snow with Loaders
  • Hauling of Snow Onsite
  • Hauling of Snow Offsite (Dump permit fees are extra)
  • Salt Spreaders
  • Deicing, Salting operations
  • Bulk Salt for sale
  • Dump Trucks, 6 Wheelers / Semi Dumps
  • Front End Loaders – 1 ½ - 2 ½ yd Buckets
  • Skid Loaders
  • Sidewalk Labor, Shovels & Snow Blowers available per man hour
  • Sidewalk Deicing – Calcium/Potassium Chloride

Last Winter We Had Snow - 28 Inches of snow!  It started Thanksgiving week with nearly 1/3 of the total winter’s snow falling that week in November, then what happened to winter?  The meteorologists that had forecasted for warmer than normal temps for last winter due to a large El Nino (unusually warm waters) in the Pacific Ocean were finally right for a change.  It was a warm winter we and plowed officially (4) times, salting was much lighter than normal as well, but that was last winter!  One Thing For Sure, Winter Will Be Back.  Will It Be Mild or Will It Be Harsh, Cold, and Snowy?

This Spring has started out downright cold; and has been cold and rainy through the middle of May, then late May into early June 13 days of 80 degree weather and June finishing with (7) 90+ degree days go figure. Meteorologists are now saying the large El Nino (unusually warm waters) in the Pacific Ocean is dissipating, but will it reform before next winter? Since their long range forecasting hasn’t been that correct in years (except for last winter), we have a 50/50 chance of a normal winter occurring.

Can you imagine having another winter with below average and little snowfall because of another El Nino?  If you are under a yearly contract (seasonal), you were paying for an average Chicago winter of 38-42 inches of snow, with 10-14 plowing events and 18-21 salting events for the entire winter.  Think about how you felt writing those checks last winter to a firm that didn’t do a whole lot of snow plowing (3-4), or in years if they did and they did exceed their contract everything was on a time & material basis because they were over on their contract maximum amounts.  Well some say a seasonal contract with a fixed price for the season is like having insurance, but is it really?  No, it is not insurance against it snowing.  What you want is assurance you will have a contractor available for you when and if it snows, and you just need the right contractor with the right experience and the right contract.   Here at A.J. Services, we operate on the basic foundation of pay us for what we do, nothing more, and nothing less.  If we are plowing snow or salting your property, we charge you for what we have done.  There are no up charges because you went over a maximum amount of snow for the season.  Conversely, if it only snows (4) four times during the season, you only pay us for (4) four pushes; salting works the same way.

Are you satisfied with your Current Level of Service?

In addition to snow plowing, will you need deicer applied?  Do you want a provider that is equipped to handle high accumulation storms?  Will you need to have snow removed from the site?  Can your current service provider fix and maintain snow removal equipment, carry the necessary deicers and provide the necessary staffing to service your property?  Can they handle an unexpected storm or breakdown?  Is your current level of service lowering your exposure to potential litigation due to slipping and falling accidents caused by icing conditions?  If you answered “NO” to any one of these, you need to reevaluate your snow and ice management services.

Communication Pledge:

At A.J. Services, we believe that communication is one of the keys to our success.  Good communication allows us to perform work that meets or exceeds our client expectations, and to address any concerns before they become problems.  When wintery weather moves in, our clients can reach us 24 hours per day; in turn we can reach our entire plow and salt truck operators at any time there is a special need for our services.  Most importantly though, our clients can reach us, and our goal is to foster a one-to-one relationship with our clients.  The Chicago market is very competitive; clients want assurances, not excuses, and they don’t want false promises.  Through the years A.J. Services has grown into a successful snow and ice control management company, and this year we are celebrating our 46th year in the Wheeling and surrounding areas as one of the leaders in the snow and ice control management market.  It is through our no nonsense approach where excuses don’t cut it, and false promises are never made; it just is not and never has been part of our approach to doing business.

Avoid Unprofessional and Costly Shut Downs:

How many days, hours or minutes can your business afford to be closed?  It is estimated if a large warehouse operation shuts down due to snow, it can cost that company upwards of $90,000 a day.  Whether you’re a large firm or sole owner of a small business, the effect still weighs large upon your business when this happens.  This is why so many of our commercial and industrial companies realize it is a very feasible decision for them to partner with a professional service provider such as ours, and as a result, A.J. Services Professional Snow and Ice Control can offer the level of service their business needs and expects because we charge appropriately for the job.

Storm Tracking and Reporting:

We rely on Continental Weather Service to confirm snowfall amounts for your area.  Continental Weather is a private, impartial, third party meteorological service that we subscribe to which tracks the storms and supplies us with time lines on when the snow will hit and what type of equipment we will need for the event.  We have found that Continental Weather storm reports are more accurate than that of newspaper snow reporting, where accumulation amounts are often estimated or imprecise.  Maybe it snowed 3” at O’Hare Airport, but in your area the amounts recorded could be much less.  Our customers know that they can rely on billing from A.J. Services that is based upon actual measured snow depths in their area.  A storm summary of the event is included with all of our invoices.

Lowering Your Exposure to Potential Litigation:

Much of the reason ice control services have become popular is the reduction of liability it affords property owners.  One study from the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center revealed that 37 percent of patients admitted to hospitals for pedestrian-related accidents were injured on icy surfaces.  When a client signs a contract with A.J. Services they are in essence buying preventative slip and fall insurance (with our One Million Dollar Umbrella Policy) and that’s why so many companies are looking for Professional Ice Control Management companies such as A.J. Services in today’s litigious society.

We all need to remember:

Snow fighters are not miracle workers.  They are dedicated, hardworking human beings who work endless hours and put their will against the forces of nature.  Through their determination and skills, most times usually win!  The real record of their accomplishment is not the tons of snow removed or the endless miles of pavement kept cleared; the testament of a good snow fighter is the achievement of keeping roadways and parking lots cleared that allow businesses and industries to function and to allow people to travel safely without undue delay.

Our Mission:

A.J. Services is committed to serving all of our Commercial, Industrial and Corporate Customers with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism, with the goal of maintaining site safety during winter weather events.  Our mission is to provide timely and excellent service that ensures our customers’ peace of mind having A.J. Services on their team.  This has been our testament and pledge for over 45 years as a Professional Snow Plowing and Ice Control Company.  Whether it is plowing snow, applying deicers, stacking it or moving and relocating that piled up snow with loaders and trucks, we have the right piece of equipment to fit your needs.

Remember, winter is going to be here before you know it, so start planning now. Remember the proverb avers: “failing to plan is planning to fail."  So if you are tired of not having the service your firm needs during Chicago snows, then why not give us a call at (847)541-3309 or email us at info@ajservicessnow.com  for a free estimate and see what A.J. Services can do for you!  Go to our Contact page for details on our web site at https://ajservicessnow.com/

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Clearing snow and ice from a commercial property is an important responsibility. Business owners in Buffalo Grove run the risk of liability from damages incurred as a result of ice and snow. A.J. Services Professional Snow & Ice Control provides reliable services for any high traffic commercial zone, including loading areas, so that weather conditions never interfere with your day-to-day business activity.


We know you need to get to work on time and allow others safe access to your property. A.J. Services Professional Snow & Ice Control ensures that your property is clear and secure when winter conditions in Buffalo Grove get harsh. Call (847) 541-3309 to find out more about our special payment plans and packages.



5 Stars

Very thorough and quality work. Very prompt and on time and had no interruptions in business. Would recommend.

- Shawn Scott

5 Stars

Great work. Very responsive.

- Tom Hughes

5 Stars

We have a 51,000 square foot facility and of all the vendors with whom we contract, there is no one even close to the white glove service we receive from AJ Services. They were recommended by the previous owner and he has indicated "they were the best vender he worked with". He was not kidding. Our lots are always immaculately plowed and salted immediately after a snowfall. our employees are never stranded in the lot....If the temperatures drop after a snowstorm, they continually circle back and salt the lots. Truly an A1 plowing service. and the customer service is consistently incredible. They have literally raised the bar on all other vendors.

- Jeff Burgess