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Serving Wheeling, Buffalo Grove and Lincolnshire


What areas do you service?

A.J. Services Professional Snow & Ice Control provides complete snow removal services for Commercial and Industrial properties in the Wheeling, Buffalo Grove, Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. We limit our coverage area so as to make sure we can service our customers with the first response type of service they expect and are promised when they contract with our firm.

What type of residential equipment does A.J. Services Professional Snow & Ice Control use?

WE DO NOT DO RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES; Our vehicles are equipped with wide commercial plows which are too large and heavy for residential driveways.

Is there a minimum amount of snowfall before you provide snow removal services?

Our contracts start at 1” of snowfall, but technically the contracts start as soon as the snow begins to fall.  If snow is falling and your company is open we may come in and apply deicers to the parking areas.  If it is snowing heavy we may plow drive aisles until employees get off and parking lot is clear of cars.  Once the lot is clear of cars we will plow off the snow prior to next day opening, and apply deicers to paved areas  Alternatively, we clear off the snow left on your property by municipal plows at all times.

What if the city plows come by after you've already cleared my driveway?

A.J. Services Professional Snow & Ice Control performs repeat cleanups after the city plows have passed. There may be a small fee depending on the circumstances surrounding the event.   If you require service for a second cleaning, please call (847) 541-3309.

Will A.J. Services Professional Snow & Ice Control clear my property prior to our opening in the morning?

Our goal is to provide prompt snow removal services to all our businesses in the Wheeling and surrounding areas. Results may vary depending on circumstances surrounding the event on when a snowfall begins. We make every effort to ensure properties are cleared by morning following overnight snowfalls. Certainly if a snowfall occurs say between 4-5:30am, your property may only be salted, but not plowed by 6am. Call our office at any time for immediate assistance, (847) 541-3309

Do you provide customer service by phone during a snowstorm?

Yes, we provide 24/7 customer service during snowstorms. Keep in my mind that call volume may be high at this time. If you should call and our recording is activated, leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. If it is an emergency, certainly try one of our mobile cell phones.  

What are your snow removal rates?

Prices vary depending on your needs. Our contracts are on a winter season (PER PUSH BASIS) from November to April. Pricing is dependent upon how large your property is and what other obstacles there is which may create problems moving the snow.  Example, does all the snow on the property need to be moved to one specific area? We try to invoice as soon as work has been completed, but in most cases this has proven to be harder than we expect. All invoices are due 30 days net.  Call (847) 541-3309 for more information.


We know you need to get to work on time and allow others safe access to your property. A.J. Services Professional Snow & Ice Control ensures that your property is clear and secure when winter conditions in Lincolnshire get harsh. Call (847) 541-3309 to find out more about our special payment plans and packages.